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About The Candle

‘The Candle Melbourne’ is a community based project created by Media Director; Sasha and PACFA Psychotherapist; Giovanna. The Candle was inspired by engaging with various Melbourne artists from an array of disciplines expressing a desire to share their experiences of Mental Health, barriers of help seeking, financial instability, toxic set culture environments and COVID-19 setbacks.‘The Candle Melbourne’ will explore the unique experience of Melbourne based artists and aim to change the scope of visibility of mental health within the arts scene, as artists continue to work daily to contribute and to uphold Melbourne, as the arts capital.A recent survey was conducted featuring 2904 respondents that found that the Australian Entertainment industry experiences suicidality more than double than the average population, with anxiety and depressive symptoms significantly at a high rate.Generally, artists acquire and depend on work that is casual, contractual and project based. The nature of this work may restrict financial permanency, impacting a sense financial stability, coupled with COVID-19 setbacks; artists are left with uncertainty, impacting mental wellness.‘The Candle Melbourne’ is an initiative intended to bring awareness to Mental Health in the arts scene by providing artists a platform through Instagram and Podcasting, to express their own relationship with Mental Health and working within the arts space through a series of interviews. Interviews will be ethically conducted to ensure that the voices of artists are being heard in a safe setting, from Film Makers to Poets.Stay tuned for our launch date and artist line up for 2021.

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